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Easy Recipe for Balado tofu, the Easiest Long Bean

Easy Recipe for Balado tofu, the Easiest Long Bean

Balado Tahu Kacang Panjang      You can make Balado Tofu Long Beans using 14 ingredients and how to make 4. Here is a practical way to prescribe.

Materials Needed To Make Long Bean Tofu Balado

Add 10 oval long beans, cut into pieces.

Add 6 pieces of tofu, cut into cubes, fry.

Add 2 pieces of lime leaves.

Add 2 pieces of bay leaves.

Add 1 segment of galangal, smashed.

Add to taste of sugar, salt, pepper, broth powder.

Mix in a little water.

Add from cooking oil for sauteing.

Add from spices :.

Mix according to taste from cayenne pepper.

Prepare 7 of the curly red chilies.

Mix 1 fruit of red tomato.

Prepare 5 grains of red wine.

Mix 3 cloves of white water.

Steps to Make Long Bean Tofu Balado

Prepare all ingredients, wash the long beans then cut and fry the tofu. Set aside.

Saute ground spices until cooked, add lime leaves, salam, galangal, and spices. stir well..

Enter the fried tofu and long beans, stir evenly then add a little water, stir, cook until the water is soaked and the beans are cooked ..

Taste test, if you feel it is not enough, you can add it. Remove then transfer to a serving plate. 👍.

This is the tutorial on how to make long bean tofu balado.

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